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Letter To Divine Masculine

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

You say you love my vibe,

so why do you stay a little while?

You say you part of my tribe,

so why do others bear your child?

I'm confused, lost faith in us so it seems,

I tried to understand your needs.

I'm tired, we both got tendencies

You blind? Yo hoes jockin' me.

The only option left is up!

You went left, I went right.

How did I end up with Christ?

Decisions made, I accepted the light!

Time is nothing and everything,

I meditate on my opportunities.

Petty loyalties can't affect my spiritual team,

They say Blunthoney got somewhere to be.

Love is a funny thing, you see.

You get mad when I say it verbally.

I can't be here because I'm on duty,

My love for Jesus over power's you truly.

He's teaching me the way.

Yes, I love you but I can't stray.

This the commitment you declined,

This agape love He has, I'm intertwined.

It's on display and in the open.

He can display my skeletons,

I'm being real that's why I'm the trophy.

Beauty on display like a slow stroke beat.

You was focus on my imperfections.

He focus on my need for purification.

Please love, this mission bigger than you & me,

My gifts and abilities, only reason you noticed me.

By: Blunthoney

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