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How Life & Simulation Video Games Aren't So Different

In video games you get to choose your character, clothes, username, the concept of the game, and character functionalities each level.

The game is life in reality except you don't get to choose your family and some of restart life in unfavorable conditions. There are rules explaining roles considered as normalcy for each races' age, ethnicity, culture, weight, height, bone structure, etc. Each race as it's stereotypes to life, in reality it is considered unfavorable to be Black, African American, Afro-Latina, and Mexican [I'm not here to offend anyone so please keep an open mind]. It is normal to go to daycare, primary education, secondary education, trade school, home school, family business, jobs etc. When you're a senior in high school or become of age you start considering grander ideas for your life. How you get to do that, well that's the game of life!

On your 18th birthday you get a fair shot and that depends on your family's economic social status, if known. Now during your 18th birthday there are many options presented to us. Just like a simulation video game you start off at level one, unless you have cheat codes. In real life cheat codes are called status, legacy, money, royalty, lottery, privilege, spirituality, religion etc. The difference between real life and video games is there are no rules but perhaps limitations. Fantasy and reality play a fine line between how you see yourself in the fantasy world and the real world.

Physically, we can be of age but mentally, we may come off as adolescent. The silver-lining is how we operate from a mental standpoint. The lessons we learn/ circumstances we face are crucial to our sense of development in the world. This is a very crucial moment where our decisions can impact us here. This is where we stick to our growth or repeat a life cycle. It can be the same people/places or different people/places but the scenario's are familiar. Hence the name Deja Vu. Deja Vu can come in the form of the past life, present life, and/or future life.

Learning life lesson's is how to ascend in life. The boundaries we place on ourselves, the restrictions, and the sacrifices are all worth it in the end. Perhaps one of the biggest lesson's I am learning is to make sure the quest, vision, or journey is one that's enriching to your life. How enrichment looks to your friends, family, or acquaintances is speculative. Personally, I had a hard time understanding that because I wanted to help my community. I am understanding that people may not even want the help that you're providing. It's a life lesson to attract the people, places, and things that benefits from your value and services.

So I invite you take life a little more serious. Don't be afraid to be the pilot of your life! You might run out of fuel, crash, have a hard landing, but by the end you will be the master pilot for YOUR life. It's like that door you have jiggle your keys, twist turn, lock then unlock for the door to open...That is what being a master pilot for your life is like. You just might have to find the smoothest way to open the door to your designed life.

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